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Oklahoma Sooners Football: OU Moves up to No. 19 in the AP Poll (Plus Other Poll Developments)

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Our old rivals are in the top 10 this week!

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Sooners moved up one spot in the AP Poll this week, sitting at No. 19. That seems about right for OU, considering that the Texas team they defeated is hot garbage. I’m always glad to get a win over Texas, and the defense made SOME strides, but we don’t deserve to shoot up in the polls.

Here are some other observations:

  • 1930s Manhattan Michigan Man is still the lone AP voter giving the Wolverines the nod at No. 1. I kind of thought he’d have a little bit of company by now, but I guess not. Seriously, Michigan looks dangerous.
  • Texas A&M is now No. 6 in the country after looking pretty good against Tennessee. Watching Trevor Knight with an opportunity to run made so, so angry during that game, by the way. Bob Stoops and Josh Heupel were overly cautious with Trevor when OU played teams that weren’t Iowa State or Kansas, and it’s a real shame to see a school that I hate utilizing him properly.
  • Florida State moved up NINE spots after winning by one at Miami. That’s a very nice win, but that had a bit of luck in that one, as well. Also, Virginia Tech moved up eight spots after winning at North Carolina. This all shows that the voters have a lot of respect for the ACC. That’s justified, but I’m not to this extent.
  • Nebraska is in the top 10, folks. I kind of feel sorry for the Huskers in advance, though. They haven’t really played anybody, which is apparent after what we’ve seen with Oregon. I think they’ll probably lose at Indiana this week and will experience back-to-back losses later at the hands of Wisconsin and Ohio State. I’m afraid Nebraska’s return to relevance is a mirage.
  • Baylor moved up to No. 11 after a bye week, and be on the lookout for College Gameday in Norman when the Bears come to town. I don’t see either team losing a game between now and then, and it could be a top 10 vs. a top 15 matchup. The only other game of substance that week is Ole Miss at Texas A&M. The Aggies will face Alabama (and lose) between now and then, and ESPN may be hesitant to put their program in the same location twice in as many months. Hopefully, they’ll decide to mix it up. The Big 12 is awful, but this is the one realistic shot to host the program this year.