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Former Ohio State Shooting Guard Austin Grandstaff Will Transfer To Oklahoma

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ohio State shooting guard Austin Grandstaff has found a new home. On Saturday the product of Rockwall, Texas announced that he was heading to Norman, Oklahoma.

Grandstaff left Columbus, after only playing in 10 games, back in December and has been looking for a new home since. His father told that Austin was leaving because he was unhappy with playing time. While that may be a bit of a red flag, it's not certain exactly what transpired in the recruiting process and what kind of emotions being so far from home.

A 4-star recruit, by Rivals, out of high school, Grandstaff received nearly a dozen scholarship offers from schools across nation, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State included. Iowa State was the only other Big 12 school to offer him, but other offers were from Arizona, Georgetown, Marquette, Nebraska, SMU, Texas A&M, and Western Kentucky.

Grandstaff won't be eligible to play for Oklahoma until the second half of next season.