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Who is Left on the Oklahoma Sooners Class of 2016 Recruiting Board?

Quartney Davis
Quartney Davis
Student Sports

Next weekend the dead period will end and recruiting will be absolutely insane between then and National Signing Day (February 3rd). Here is a quick look at who remains on the Sooners recruiting board as well as what we believe are the Sooners percentage chances of landing each prospect.


4-Star Velus Jones 6-0/180 - 65%

Jones still will take his visit to southern California to visit the Trojans. That being said he should be a Sooner.

4-Star Quartney Davis 6-1/180 - 40%

Offers from Tennessee and Ole Miss has definitely complicated things. He will visit OU the weekend of Jan. 22nd. While I think this will be a much more difficult battle, I still wouldn't be against the Sooners and Davis.

4-Star JUCO Javon Wims 6-4/205 (UGA Commit) - 15%

Wims hasn't mentioned anything about a visit to OU, but there is some definite interest. At this point, it probably safe to say that he and the Sooners won't work out, but if the Sooners push for a visit and he takes a trip to Norman, then anything can happen.


5-Star OT Greg Little 6-5/320 - 5%

This all depends on whether Little visits. As of now, I don't think he will. For some reason he is all but locked in to Ole Miss.

4-Star OT EJ Price 6-6/315 - 25%

Price is slated to visit, but this is looking more and more like he will stay at home and play for Georgia.

4-Star OT Jauan Williams 6-6/315 - 20%

I believe OU will get a visit, but that FSU's lead will be to much to overcome

3-Star OT Tramonda Moore 6-5/300 - 85%

Moore should find himself as a 4-star prospect before its all said and done. He has had an incredible week of practice at the Army All-American Game and has stated to numerous people that OU is his number 1 school.


4-Star Amani Bledsoe 6-5/270 - 55%

Bledsoe will have an interestingly difficult decision ahead of him. Does he stay home and play for the hometown Jayhawks or head south and play for the Sooners? I believe the Sooners will win, but man this one will be close.

4-Star Briston Guidry 6-3/275 (ARK Commit) - 25%

This again is all dependent on whether he visit or not.

3-Star Marcell Southall 6-3/270 - 50%

Southall has visits left to take to Ole Miss, Miami, and OKState. The Ole Miss visit scares me.

3-Star Stephon Taylor 6-5/300 - 15%

While the Sooners made his top 5, I don't think he is a realistic option.


5-Star Caleb Kelly 6-3/215 - 90%

Something catastrophic would have to happen for Kelly to not be a Sooner.

4-Star Elysee Mbem-Bosse 6-2/230 - 50%

So this a flyer that is based more on what options Mbem-Bosse has remaining. He is down to Florida, Auburn, and the Sooners. As of now it appears that the only realistic option might be the Sooners. While it might sound like the Sooners are just get a leftover type player, Mbem-Bosse is REALLY good.

4-Star Mark Jackson 6-3/230 (A&M Commit) - 55%

Jackson is still publicly commit to the Aggies, but I expect that to change. He should visit the Sooners the last weekend before National Signing Day.

4-Star Erick Fowler 6-3/235 - 15%

Fowler is scheduled to visit, but I just don't see things working with him and OU.

3-Star Clifford Chattman 6-4/195 - 25%

This will come down to whether the Sooners push hard for Chattman or not.

2-Star JUCO Kapri Doucet 6-2/225 - 75%

Don't let Doucet's ranking fool you, he can really play. I expect him to wind up a Sooner on National Signing Day.


4-Star Brandon Burton - 5%

Burton and the Sooners have apparently gone in different directions. He will most likely end up at USC or UCLA

4-Star Jared Mayden 6-0/200 - 10%

Mayden just recently de-committed from Oregon. I don't know if the Sooners have room.