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Can the Sooners Steal LSU Commit Erick Fowler? Ehh Maybe...

Erick Fowler
Erick Fowler
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This is one where a commitment flip would mean gaining a player that has the potential to star in the Sooners 3-4 defense. That player is class of 2016 OLB Erick Fowler 6-3/235

Fowler was interviewed by about his recruitment at the Army All-American game and you can hear his interest in the Sooners for yourself.

While this interview doesn't necessarily instill confidence for the Sooners, I do believe they have at least once ace up their sleeve and this is Fowler's future position. Considering that Fowler is already 235 lbs, it would be hard for me to imagine him playing linebacker in LSU's 4-3 defense (although newly hired LSU DC Dave Aranda appears to be a 3-4 guy). He would be a perfect fit for an outside linebacker in the 3-4. All in all I don't give the Sooners a big chance of seeing this flip happen, but you never know. Fowler will visit before National Signing Day.

In case you were wondering what type of player the Sooners would be getting with Fowler, check out his highlight video.

As far as a prospect that the Sooners have a legit chance of flipping, look no further than a DE/OLB committed to Texas A&M (we will get an article about him up later today).