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Class of 2016 Predictions: January Edition

Caleb Kelly
Caleb Kelly
student sports

Signing Day will be here before we know it (February 3rd), and the Sooners are still looking to fill holes at WR, LB, OL, and DL. I expect this class to end up somewhere right around 22 players. Here are the players we predict will be a part of the class of 2016.


4-Star QB Austin Kendall 6-2/210

4-Star RB Abdul Adams 6-0/205

4-Star JUCO Ryan Parker 6-2/180

3-Star WR Adrian Hardy 6-2/185

3-Star JUCO OL Ashton Julious 6-8/330

3-Star JUCO OL Ben Power 6-5/315

2-Star OL Logan Roberson 6-5/320

4-Star DL Chris Daniels 6-3/300

4-Star LB Bryce Youngquist 6-2/210

3-Star LB Jon-Michael Terry 6-3/220

3-Star LB Pernell Jefferson 6-2/235

4-Star DB Parrish Cobb 5-11/175

4-Star DB Jordan Parker 5-11/185

3-Star DB Chanse Sylvie 6-0/185

3-Star DB Parnell Motley 6-1/170

*Don't be surprised if a player that is currently committed is not on the list on National Signing Day. Also don't freak out over who it is, because if the predictions go as planned, the Sooners will be more than fine come National Signing Day.


4-Star WR Velus Jones 6-0/180 (USC Commit)

While it would have been great for this one to already happen, I believe this one will be decided before National Signing Day.

4-Star WR Quartney Davis 6-1/180

Davis was a long time A&M commitment, but that all changed with all the chaos in College Station. This is a UCLA, OKState, OU battle that I believe the Sooners will win.

3-Star OL Tramonda Moore 6-5/330

The big question with Moore is whether he will qualify. Moore still has visits set for OKState and possibly Bama. Regardless of what Moore says, this appears to be a Bedlam battle.

An OL committed elsewhere or not currently having an offer

I would love to put EJ Price, Jauan Williams, or Greg Little on this list, but I just don't see it as of now. If it were to happen I would think the Sooners are in much better shape for Price or Williams. In the end, I expect another offer at offensive tackle to go out between now and the first Wednesday in February.

4-Star DL Amani Bledsoe 6-5/270

This will be a heart vs. head battle. Bledsoe is from Lawrence, KS and this appears to be a KU/OU battle. Bledsoe's offer list is extensive, but in the end I believe he makes a decision that is best for his future and that decision will be the Sooners.

3-Star DL Marcel Southall 6-3/270

Southall still has visits to OKState, Miami, and Ole Miss. The Ole Miss visit scares me somewhat, but I believe the Sooners will win out by the narrowest of margins.

5-Star LB Caleb Kelly 6-3/215

We will have to wait till February 3rd, but this is one that has been a long time in the making and a battle that the Sooners should by every account win.

4-Star LB Mark Jackson 6-3/230 (A&M Commit)

Jackson is set to visit the Sooners before National Signing Day. Even though he is an A&M commitment, I don't expect it to stick. The other team to watch out for is Texas.


4-Star LB Erick Fowler 6-3/235 (LSU Commit).

Here is some talk of an OU visit (I think it will happen). Fowler seems to be a more of a fit for OLB in a 3-4, but would likely be a DE for LSU. Should the Sooners get him on campus, all bets are off for him remaining a LSU commit.

4-Star OL EJ Price 6-6/315

Sadly Price lives in Georgia, and I believe that will be the difference between him being a Sooner and a Bulldog.

4-Star OL Jauan Williams 6-6/315

I think a visit will happen, but it looks like the Sooners are a little late for Williams who appears to be locked in to FSU.

4-Star DL Briston Guidry 6-3/275 (Arkansas Commit)

The Sooners are working to get him to take a visit. Guidry is really, really good, but as of yet it appears he is sticking with the Hogs.

3-Star DL Stephon Taylor 6-5/300

Taylor will like be the victim of the Sooners taking a smaller class.

5-Star LB Mique Juarez 6-2/215

This would be amazing, but I just don't see it.

4-Star LB Aaron Hansford 6-2/210

A visit could happen, but I think the Sooners are still on the outside. He is a star prospect though.

3-Star LB Clifford Chattman 6-4/190

Chattman was a longtime LSU commit. He would need to significant weight, but has the athleticism to be a really solid player if he can get to 230+. I'm not sure where things stand with OU and him.

4-Star DB Brandon Burton 6-1/190

Burton was set to announce at the Under Armour All-American Game, but delayed his announcement. With the rumors swirling about Mora headed to the NFL, anything can happen, but as of now I expect Burton to remain on the west coast.