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Oklahoma Sooners 77 - LSU Tigers 75 | Post Game Quotes, "They Didn't Call The Foul"

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

"Tonight was a great battle. I thought LSU played great. They took us out of a lot of things in the first half that we've typically been able to do. Johnny (Jones) does a terrific job, so no surprise there. I am proud of our guys. We were down and a lot of things weren't going very smoothly. The guys just kept talking about turning up defensively. I thought they did that. Isaiah (Cousins) set the tone out there in front. I thought defensively, Khadeem (Lattin) did a good job and picked up everyone's intensity. We hung in there. I thought guys on both teams made big plays down the stretch and big shots down the stretch. We were just fortunate to get the last shot." - Lon Kruger on the game in general

"Buddy (Hield) went to pick and slipped it. I thought that gave Isaiah a little crease to shoot his shot and go left like that. Isaiah and Buddy obviously made a lot of big plays down the stretch to get us back in the game and take the lead. Then Isaiah had some big time plays late in the game to maintain the lead. I'm happy for Isaiah. He had a terrific game. Defensively, he turned it around with his intensity out front." - Lon Kruger on Oklahoma's final play

"I thought our guys were a little bit more active and little bit more aggressive. He's such a terrific player. Khadeem stepped around and got a couple steals late in the game. Ryan is always active, but Ben is tough. He's a tough matchup." - Lon Kruger on Ben Simmons only having one shot over the final ten minutes

"There is always a possibility. It either happens or doesn't. You don't have too much time to think about it. He covered a lot of distance in those last three seconds. He's a fast guy and a good player. They have a lot of good players." - Lon Kruger on if LSU's Tim Quarterman was fouled on the game's final play

"I thought Tim did what he was supposed to -- get it to the rim and give them an opportunity to make the call. I haven't had the chance to go back and watch it, but I though he went in there in traffic. He didn't have an opportunity to get the ball to the rim." - LSU head coach Johnny Jones on Quarterman's final play

"He did a good job of making plays and getting the ball to the other guys, setting screens, spacing the floor. They did a good job of trying to make sure that they got in the gaps, defensively, not allowing (us) to try to drive the ball. We wanted to run some high-low action to him inside there. They did a good job of trying to prevent us from getting it down in there on the post." - Johnny Jones Ben Simmons over the final ten minutes

"I just saw Coach (Kruger) draw the play up. Tim (Quarterman) was guarding me and he was calling ‘screen, screen, screen', and Isaiah (Cousins) did a good job selling it, and he told me screen and after that his guy fell asleep a little bit because he didn't want to switch it, and like Coach said got his favorite pull-up shot." - Buddy Hield on Oklahoma's final play

"Yes sir, it was loud. I figured it was gonna be loud just watching the football games and how crazy it is. Even during warm-ups the fans were shouting. It was a good atmosphere and it was good for us because when we go to Big 12 play we'll be used to that." - Buddy Hield on the atmosphere in Baton Rouge

"I was basically seeing what was Buddy's man going to do. If he was going to show on the screen then I was gonna throw it right back to Buddy, but he just stayed with Buddy, so I just thought a dribble pull-up would be good." - Isaiah Cousins on his game winning shot

"I went the hole pretty hard and got hit but they didn't call the foul. That's just the way the game ended." 
"Emotions were high after he hit a big shot. I tried to get the ball as fast as I could to the other end of the court. I made it to the other end and tried to make a tough layup. There was definitely contact but there was no foul called. We can't hang our heads on that." - Tim Quarterman on his final play