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Are the Oklahoma Sooners and USC WR Commit Velus Jones Finished?

Velus Jones with Sterlilng Shepard
Velus Jones with Sterlilng Shepard
Velus Jones

There is little doubt that the recruitment of 4-star WR Velus Jones has been a roller coaster. From a USC commit, to an OU commit, and back to a USC commit in less than 24 hours. Many had closed the door on him, and I'm not yet ready to say that he will be a Sooner, but check out this picture that Velus tweeted out a few moments ago.

He then tweeted out a pic of Cody Kessler soon after, but I believe the point is pretty clear, that things are still somewhat brewing behind the scenes.

This will be another interesting story line to follow as we approach next Wednesday. As far as whether you still want a player like Velus, the answer is always a resounding yes.