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Will the Oklahoma Sooners Have the Chance to Right Jim Harbaugh's Wrong with OT Erik Swenson?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While the details are convoluted and somewhat sketchy, the facts are that class of 2016 4-Star Offensive Tackles Erik Swenson 6-5/300 is no longer a part of the Michigan Wolverine class. Swenson is on record saying he offer was pulled, but then a report surfaced saying that wasn't the case.

Regardless of which scenario is true, it appears the Sooners are making a late push for Swenson with the distinct possibility he could be added as an official visitor this weekend.

While I still believe the Sooners are on the outside looking in, I feel strongly that Bill Bedenbaugh is one of the Sooner's best recruiters.

We will continue to check back on the situation, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Swenson in Norman this weekend.