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Sooners Commit Parrish Cobb to Decide Between the Oklahoma Sooners and Baylor Bears

Parrish Cobb
Parrish Cobb
Student Sports

National Signing has just become even more crazy with the news the 4-Star DB and Sooners commit Parrish Cobb will be deciding between OU and Baylor on National Signing Day.

David Smoak tweeted out the news a few moments ago with the following tweet:

So before everyone freaks out, this is quietly some pretty decent news. First and foremost, this means Texas is out. Many (me included) viewed them as the primary threat to the Sooners and Cobb. Having Texas out of the equation is a REALLY good thing for the Sooners. Second, there were rumors of TCU making a push as well, and that is over as well. Third the Sooners have had a pretty decent track record going head to head against Baylor for defensive recruits that are from Waco (Kahlil Haughton last year comes to mind).

Now this news isn't completely good, because the obvious question is why "make a final decision" if you are already "committed to OU." That is obviously the big question. Parrish has yet to officially visit Baylor, but it wouldn't be difficult for him to make the visit as he lives in Waco.

We will watch this one closely.