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Will it Be the Oklahoma Sooners or Alabama Crimson Tide for 4-Star DB Jared Mayden?

Jared Mayden
Jared Mayden
Student Sports

The Sooners have made an incredible impression on weekend official visitor 4-Star DB Jared Mayden 6-0/199. Just a few months ago, Mayden was locked in to the Oregon Ducks and was seemingly an afterthought. Mayden however has since decommitted from the Ducks and now is down to 2 Teams:



Jared tweeted out his plans as we count down to National Signing Day with the following tweet.

So the million dollar question is what school will Mayden choose.

One the one hand, he is an OU legacy, as both of his parents attended OU (his dad was a member of the OU basketball team). He is also from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and quite possibly the Sooners best recruiter Kerry Cooks will fight for Mayden tooth and nail.

However, with Bama, you have Bama. They are at the pinnacle of the college football world right now and would seemingly be near impossible to beat for a prospect they truly want.

CCM Prediction: Maybe we are crazy, but we see Mayden committing to OU on National Signing Day.