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Cody Thomas Leaving OU Football for OU Baseball

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After the announcement of Lincoln Riley becoming the Sooners offensive coordinator, Cody Thomas made the decision to give up baseball so that he could focus completely on football. Well that decision is now reversed as is reporting this via twitter.

This means a few different things for the Sooners going forward.

1.The Sooners depth chart is now VERY thin.

2. An additional scholarship will be available that can be used in recruiting

3. True Freshman Austin Kendall will now be the Sooners backup QB (Kyler Murray must set out for a year)

4. The Sooner might look for an additional quarterback for the class of 2016 (this is doubtful, but could definitely be on the table)

We wish Cody all the success on the baseball diamond as he transitions full time to baseball.