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A Slightly Optimistic Finish to the Oklahoma Sooners Class of 2016

Caleb Kelly
Caleb Kelly
Student Sports

As we approach National Signing Day, the Sooners are still looking to add somewhere around 6-8 additional prospects to fill out the class of 2016. While there are certainly lots of moving parts, here is a slightly optimistic class of 2016 finish.

5-Star LB Caleb Kelly 6-3/215

While there has been lots of Notre Dame worry over the past week or so, the Sooners are still the betting favorite. They even got some help from Ty Darlington last week in their pursuit of Kelly.

4-Star LB Mark Jackson 6-3/230 (A&M Commit)

While technically still a Texas A&M commit, I don't see Jackson sticking. He will visit OU next weekend (getting a prospects last official visit is usually a really good thing). Jackson is an ideal fit at outside linebacker in the Sooners 3-4 defense.

4-Star DB Jared Mayden 6-0/199

Mayden is currently on his OU official visit and a month ago, this wouldn't have even seem possible. Kerry Cooks however is an incredible recruiter and Mayden's dad played basketball at OU. This is a bit of a flier, but I see it happening.

4-Star OL Tramonda Moore 6-5/330

Moore has 1st round pick talent along the offensive line. He didn't head to Bama this weekend (which was unexpected). Moore appears to have the Sooner way out in front, and will presumably decide on National Signing Day. The biggest concern with Moore is will he qualify....

4-Star OL Jauan Williams 6-6/315

This will probably be the biggest reach on this list. The Sooners have done an incredible job recruiting Williams and if you look at his recent follows/followers on twitter you will notice quite possible the best OT in the NFL and former Sooner Trent Williams. Jauan is scheduled to visit next weekend.

3-Star DL Marcel Southall 6-3/270 or 4-Star DL Briston Guidry 6-3/275 (Arkansas Commit)

I honestly think the Sooners would take both, but I just don't see both happening. Southall will be a dog fight between now and National Signing Day (as he has visited Texas, is currently visiting Miami, and is scheduled to head to Ole Miss next weekend). I wouldn't be shocked to see him Ole Miss visit get cancelled, but you never know.

Guidry is scheduled for a mid week visit next week. He has long been committed to the Hogs, but I could see OU making a big push.

2-Star JUCO LB Emmanuel Beal 6-3/220 or 3-Star LB P.J. Blue 6-4/200 (Louisville Commit)

I will admit this one is kind of a head scratcher, but he has some pretty decent tape. The Sooners need LB's in the worst way and Beal I believe is much better than where he is currently ranked.

Blue is kind of an unknown at this point, but seemingly has the frame to play at 230-240lbs. It could be the case that with the lack of LB depth, the Sooners would take both.

File This One Away for Later

4-Star DL Chris Daniels 6-3/300

While he obviously de-committed this past week, the Sooners are NOT out of this by any stretch. While I wouldn't be on OU at this point, it wouldn't shock me at all to see him a Sooner on National Signing Day.