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Would OU take 3 More WR's in the Class of 2016?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Number are getting tight, but if you look at the wide receivers the Sooners are still after, it might be possible that they take 3 more wide receivers in the class of 2016 (I still think it will be 2, but you never know). Here is an overview of the three players remaining on the Sooners class of 2016 recruiting board.

4-Star Velus Jones 6-0/180 from Saraland, AL

Velus is my favorite of the three remaining targets, because he has an extra gear that neither of the other two players have. I believe you can teach players to run routes, you can work on their hands (somewhat), and even add weight, but you can can't coach size and speed. Velus would step foot on the Sooners campus as probably the fastest (or really close to it) guy on the team.

Velus is visiting USC this weekend, and then after that we should find out soon. The Sooners should be the odds on favorite to land Jones, as not only is there a family connection to him in the OKC area, but USC has 4 committed WR's already (Velus would make 5). I believe that Velus will soon commit to OU soon after his USC visit.

4-Star Quartney Davis 6-1/180 from 6-1/180 from Houston, TX.

While not possessing the speed of Jones, I believe that Davis is currently more polished. I think that alone could allow him to make an impact Sooner than Velus, although is upside my not be quite as high.

Davis was until recently committed to Texas A&M but that all changed with the mess going on in College Station. The Sooners jumped into the sweepstakes for Davis and have quietly built what I feel is a pretty good lead. The Sooners will have some competition with OKState, and A&M for Davis (although don't sleep on Ole Miss).

4-Star JUCO Javon Wims 6-4/205 from Raymond, MS.

Wims is your prototypical outside receiver that you see teams throw fades to. He is not unlike former Sooner WR Malcolm Kelly (not saying Wims will be that good, but his skill set is similar)

Wims has long been committed to UGA, but it sounds like an OU visit is possible next weekend.

The recruitment of these three players will be interesting. I don't think that OU has room for all 3, but nothing would surprise me. I could make a case that each of the players listed above could definitely add a unique and different dimension to the Sooners offense.