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Will the Kansas Jayhawks Beat OU for a Football Prospect?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I'll still have to see it to believe it, but class of 2016 4-Star DL Amani Bledsoe 6-5/270 is down to 2 teams: Kansas and OU. I am not quite ready to proclaim Kansas the winner in this sweepstakes, but they are surely in a huge fight with the Sooners. Here is the tweet confirming the news.

While this may sound like crazy talk, that a 4-star elite prospect with offers from coast to coast could chose the Jayhawks over the Sooners, Kansas has an ace up its sleeve: Bledsoe is from Lawrence, KS.

I expect a decision to made at any time, and I'm still betting on the Sooners, because let's face it, this is not Kansas Basketball we are talking about. Though Bledsoe staying home wouldn't shock me.