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Big 12 to Remain at 10 Teams, but Now Can Have Conference Championship Game

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The vote on de-regulation is in and here are the results. The Big 12 can remain at 10 teams and now have a conference championship game. This vote doesn't require the Big 12 to have a conference championship game, but that appears to be the direction we are headed.

So moving forward it will likely mean that we could see a Bedlam rematch or a TCU/Baylor rematch championship weekend. Many had thought that if the vote had not gone the way it did, then the Big 12 would have had to expand to 12 teams. The possible candidates were BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, UCF, USF, Memphis, and UConn.

So here is the summary of today's events:

1. The Big 12 can now have a Conference Championship Game even though they are at 10 teams

2. This effectively kills any chance of expansion.

3. Strange rematches and matchups can now become even more common.

Here are some of the feedback from media around the country reacting to the news.

I know I don't speak for everyone on this issue, but let's just say "I'M NOT A FAN OF THIS."