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Bob Stoops | "I believe in what we're doing and we'll be able to run it"

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After a slow start in week one, the Oklahoma Sooners found a bit of a rhythm offensively against the Akron Zips. However, the competition takes a step up as Bob Stoops and the rest of the coaching staff turn their attention toward the Tennessee Volunteers.

Looking back at the weekend, Stoops mentioned the lack of rushing yards, something that will need to improve over the course of the year.

Akron employed an odd front the Sooners seemed a bit unsure of how to handle. A lack of execution in blocking from the offensive line led to many of the troubles. However, Stoops remains confident the rushing attack can and will get better. If Oklahoma hopes to come out of Knoxville with their second consecutive win over the Volunteers, the offense cannot be one dimensional.

Orlando Brown could set the tone along the offensive line. A freshman who earned a start in the home opener, Stoops seems impressed with the big fella who at one time committed to play for Tennessee.

In preparation for the upcoming challenge, the team plans to ramp up the volume. The question thrown out on Neyland took into account the noise level and the young Sooners team. Hoping to acclimate the players by emulating a road situation, the staff plays to blast music over the PA system throughout the week.

Hopefully the effort pays off as the freshman and sophomores perform at a high level in Knoxville on Saturday.

Mentioning a few players by name, Stoops specifically brought up Jarvis Baxter. During the offseason, Baxter fell into the laps of the Sooners and earned a start as a walk on against Akron. With exceptional speed and good hands, fans should expect to see the JUCO transfer continue to produce. Apparently, the coaching staff likes the potential of Baxter as Stoops mentioned putting the receiver on scholarship mid-year.

Lastly Du'Vanta Lampkin remains a talent that lags behind the rest of the team due to circumstances leading up to his release from Texas. Missing out on roughly 30 practices, Stoops sounds as if he hopes Lampkin will be ready sooner rather than later.