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Big 12 Weekend Recap : Week One

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Coming off a year in which the Big 12 was left out of the playoff, I thought every Big 12 team would come out in week one fired up and ready to go. But Kansas State, West Virginia, and Oklahoma are really the only one's that had an impressive showing. The Big 12 went 8-2 this past week, but the top two teams didn't play as well as they would of liked and the two losses were really bad losses.

Here's a recap of the Big 12 teams in week one :

Team LW Opponent Result Rec.
#2 Baylor @ SMU W 56-21 1-0
#4 TCU @ Minnesota W 23-17


#19 Oklahoma vs Akron W 41-3 1-0
OSU @ Central Michigan W 24-13 1-0
WVU vs Georgia Southern W 44-0 1-0
Texas Tech vs Sam Houston St. W 59-45 1-0
Kansas State vs South Dakota W 34-0 1-0
Texas @ #11 Notre Dame L 38-3 0-1
Iowa State vs Northern Iowa W 31-7 1-0
Kansas vs South Dakota State L 41-38 0-1

Not a lot of marquee games but that's what happens when you schedule five FCS opponents in a 10 team conference. The Big 12 went 1-1 against P5 conference teams too with a win against Minnesota and a loss to Notre Dame (who counts as a P5 team). They also went 2-0 against the MAC and 1-0 against the AAC.

Kansas lost to an FCS team, but this is supposedly one of the worst Big 12 teams to ever step on the field so not too much surprise there. Texas also lost, but to one of the best teams in the country on the road. They weren't expected to win, but they weren't expected to leave South Bend with a 35-point loss either.

Baylor and Texas Tech found themselves in a tough shootout early on, but eventually became too much on offense for their opponents and won by double digits.

Thursday night's slate of games saw TCU and OSU propel over their opponents in the fourth quarter after struggling early.

Kansas State and Iowa State handled their FCS teams with just seven points allowed in those two games combined.

West Virginia put up and impressive shutout against Georgia Southern, a program that won the Sun Belt a year ago. Oklahoma was the only Big 12 team to not struggle with their FBS opponent and showed some firepower on offense and defense.

All 10 Big 12 teams will play this Saturday, highlighted by OU's trip to #25 Tennessee and Iowa State hosting Iowa.