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The Baker Mayfield Show: Post Game Thoughts on Sooners 41-3 Win Over Akron Zips

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The Sooners started out slow and the Crimson and Cream Machine took a while to get rolling but in the end, the Sooners thoroughly dominated the Akron Zips to the tune of 41-3. Here are some quick post game thoughts on the first game of the 2015 season.

1. Baker Mayfield

It's hard to not see what he did on the field and immediately be excited about the future. Baker was efficient, made the right reads and in the end set a record for the most passing yards for a QB making his first start for the Sooners. Not bad, but the best part of Baker tonight was ZERO. Zero interceptions that is. The upgrade at QB from last season to this season is already VERY apparent.

He was doing this tonight all over the field.

2. 100

The Sooners only rushed for 100 yards against the Zips. While that obviously is not good, the Sooners will probably need to get used to a lot less rushing yards as a young and inexperienced offensive line works out the kinks. Sorry Samaje

3. Joe Mixon

What an electric playmaker. He is silly good on the field and should only get better.

4. The Sooner Defense

Yes it's Akron. Yes the Zips played terrible, but outside of one coverage bust by Zack Sanchez the Sooners defense played lights out. Charles Walker, Dominique Alexander, and Matt Dimon shined tonight. It was also great to see the Sooners not see a significant drop off as the second team played some pretty meaningful snaps.

5. Austin Seibert (pronounced Sigh-Bert)

How could you not be ecstatic about this performance? Seibert averaged 49.7 yards per punt and hit both of his field goals. These types of performances are what can be the difference in close games.

6.  Pay Per View

Please stop making Sooner fans pay to see the Sooners in the first game of the season. At least the kickoff wasn't at 11:00 a.m.

7. Trevor Knight

The interceptions just can't seem to escape him. Not at all how I predicted his career to go after the Sugar Bowl.

8. Jordan Wade

He made an appearance tonight with a fumble recovery. He had been missing in action since the Sugar Bowl victory.

9. Lincoln Riley

I saw several tweets early in the 1st quarter calling for Lincoln Riley to be fired. The Sooners finished with 539 yards. Overreact Much?

10. College Football

I feel like my best friend I haven't seen in months just came back into my life. You were missed.

11. Bring on the Vols

Can't wait till Knoxville next week!