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2016 Recruiting Class Predictions: September

Devwah Whaley
Devwah Whaley
Student Sports

As the season is just over 24 hours away from beginning, here is a quick update on where the Sooners stand with multiple prospects in our September Edition of the class of 2016 predictions.


QB- 4* Austin Kendall 6-2/210

WR- 3* JUCO Ryan Parker 6-2/175

WR- 3* Adrian Hardy 6-3/185

OL- 3* Logan Roberson 6-5/320

LB- 4* Bryce Youngquist 6-2/210

LB- 3* Pernell Jefferson 6-2/235

LB- 3* Jon-Michael Terry 6-2/225

DB- 3* JUCO Maurice Chandler 6-1/190

DB- 3* Parrish Cobb 5-11/175

DB- 3* Chanse Sylvie 6-0/185


1. RB- 4* Devwah Whaley 6-0/205 from Beaumont, TX.

Whaley is seemingly is a UGA and Sooner battle. The Bulldogs just received a commitment from one of the top running backs in the class of 2016 in Elijah Holyfield, so they should fade. I'm not ready to call Whaley a lock, but he is all but a guarantee to be a part of the Sooners class of 2016.

2. WR- 4* Camron Williams 6-3/200 from Dallas, TX.

I am starting to lose some confidence in Williams being a part of the class of 2016, because he is so quiet and also because I think OU might prefer a slot WR to round out this class. Should he continue to be a priority for the Sooners, I think he is a near lock, but as time passes my doubts might increas.

3. OL- 3* Tramonda Moore 6-5/330 from Oklahoma City, OK.

Moore's recruitment has climbed to even higher highs as he now has offers from powerhouse programs like FSU, Bama, Auburn, and UGA along with the offer from the Sooners. Distance to home and the fact that Moore really likes the Sooners will be too much for the out of state programs to overcome. The big question with Moore is will he qualify?

4. OL- 4* JohnCarlo Valentin 6-5/340 from Philadelphia, PA.

JohnCarlo will visit the Sooners this weekend as they take on the Zips. I don't expect a commitment, but I do predict Valentin to choose the Sooners over Michigan and VTech.

5. OL- 3* JUCO OT Ashton Julious 6-8/330 from Scranton, PA

Julious has the size to be an immediate impact type player. The only thing that could derail this commitment could be the play of the young Sooner tackles. Should the begin to be dominate the need for an immediate JUCO OT diminishes.

6. An OL currently committed to another team. Although I don't know who....

7. DL- 4* Chris Daniels 6-3/300 from Euless, TX.

I had thought the Sooners had slipped with Daniels until he tweeted out a top 5 with holding the Sooners banner.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I just want to thank everyone for tuning in &amp; following me through this process my Top 5 is <a href="">#UofM</a> <a href="">#Bama</a> <a href="">#OU</a> <a href="">#A</a>&amp;M <a href="">#OSU</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Chris Daniels 7 (@clicclac97) <a href="">September 4, 2015</a></blockquote>
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8. DL- 4* Amani Bledsoe 6-5/270 from Lawrence, KS.

Bledsoe is from Kansas. The Sooners want him bad. This usually means really good things for OU.

9. LB- 5* Caleb Kelly 6-3/215 from Fresno, CA.

Despite some tough competition from across the country, Kelly will end up a Sooner. He has far too many connections to the program and the Sooners have made him the highest of priorities.

10. LB- 4* Marvin Terry 6-2/230 from Dallas, TX.

I expect Terry to commit to the Sooners on his official visit the weekend the Sooners host WVU. He is a big time prospect from Dallas.

11. DB- 4* Jordan Parker 5-11/184 from Pittsburg, CA.

I will admit I had written him off until he cancelled his UCLA visit. If the Sooners beat the Vols, I believe that Parker will be a Sooner. He is a stellar cover corner.


***Should additional scholarship open up (which they almost inevitably do so), I expect the Sooners class to grow to 22 or 23. This would probably mean the Sooners take another DB and either an additional OL or DL player.