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Dana Holgorsen - " I think we are more capable of being able to stop the run now"

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Dana Holgorsen likes the position his football team is in right now. Why shouldn't he? The Mountaineers are 3-0 with a Top 25 ranking and are taking to the road for the first time this season to face the Oklahoma Sooners. It isn't a quiet confidence that's coming out of the fifth year head coach either. "I think you can draw upon the previous years," Holgorsen said to the media on Tuesday when asked to compare his team's schedule to Oklahoma's through the first three games. "Our game against these guys was competitive in the second half, and we can learn from that, and so were the other games that we played last year. I have been in these games a lot. It's football. We have played a lot of football."

Confidence is something that a team buys into when they see if from their head coach and Holgorsen was beaming with it on Tuesday. "We are in a better place now than we have been in a while. I know that. Our team feels good about where we are at. Our goal was to be 3-0. We cruised past the non-conference portion of our schedule to meet our goal of a 3-0 record. We are anxiously awaiting Big 12 football. Our team is in a good place. We are healthy. We continue to improve. I think we are in a good spot."

While no one is expecting the Mountaineers to walk on the field waving a white flag of surrender on Saturday, they are remembering what the Sooners did on the ground in last season's 45-33 win in Morgantown. Holgorsen hasn't forgotten either but he feels as if his guys are prepared to challenge Perine in Norman this year.

"We saw the Perine guy go for over 200 on us last year. It was the difference in the game, especially in the second half. After the game, I thought we changed some things up to do a better job at stopping the run. I think we are more capable of being able to stop the run now, then we were at that point with the evolution of this defense a year ago." - Dana Holgorsen on facing Oklahoma's rushing attack

Holgorsen's media session was a fresh change of pace from the three previous opposing coaches who were basically there to blow some smoke. I love the fact that he's confident coming to Norman. I love the fact that he thinks his team can shutdown Perine and company. I even love the fact that he thinks the schedules, and playing on the road don't really matter. It makes the game all the more intense and, if victory comes Oklahoma's way on Saturday, all the more satisfying.