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Three 2016 Defensive Backs Set to Visit for WVU

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Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker
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Even though the Sooners have a shortage of remaining spots in the class of 2016 it hasn't stopped them from bringing in some elite talent this week in the defensive backfield. Here are the three prospects the Sooners are bringing in and quick overview of where each stands with the Sooners.

1. 4* Jordan Parker 5-11/184 from Pittsburg, CA

Parker and the Sooners appear to be locked into one another. The elite DB will be committing on November 1st and most assume it will be the Sooners.

2. 4* Lamar Jackson 6-2/206 from Elk Grove, CA.

While Jackson's interest in the Sooners is legitimate, it will be hard to pry him off the west coast, as this appears to be a USC/UCLA battle.

3. 3* Baylen Buchanan 5-11/190 from Suwanee, GA

Buchanan is currently committed to Louisville, but when a prospect takes official visits his commitment is considered soft. I would say the Sooners are in a really good position with Buchanan assuming their is room.

The interesting sub-plot will be how the Sooners handle having three prospects on campus with a limited number of spots.