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Stoops - "Ty Darlington And Nila Kasitati Expected To Play, Jordan Thomas Having A Better Week"

Bob Stoops met with the media on Monday to discuss the health of his team and the West Virginia Mountaineers

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off the bye week, Bob Stoops didn't have much to say about his 3-0 Sooners that hasn't already been said. The biggest concern for Oklahoma was the health of the squad, particularly up front where center Ty Darlington and guard Nila Kasitati returned home from Knoxville a bit banged up. Darlington didn't play at all against Tulsa and Kasitati tried but couldn't hold up due to his injured ankle. Stoops said on Monday that both would practice this week and that both are expected to play against the Mountaineers on Saturday.

"I'm feeling better. The bye week really helped. I'm ready to get back to practice." - Nila Kasitati to the media on Monday

The other lingering issue for Oklahoma was in the secondary where starting corner Jordan Thomas was suspended for the Tulsa game. Stoops said that Thomas had a good week of practice last week but was noncommittal when asked if the sophomore would return to his starting spot against the Mountaineers.

"We'll see." - Bob Stoops when asked if Jordan Thomas would start on Saturday

The rest of the press conference was pretty uneventful. Stoops talked about the experience of the Mountaineer defense being an advantage and that they are really good in coverage.

The only other issue of importance that was brought up during the press session was on Alex Ross and the fact that he's yet to break a kickoff return yet. Stoops said that Ross wasn't the problem.