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Oklahoma Sooners Texas Longhorns Red River Rivalry Set For 11:00 AM Kickoff

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There's no sleeping in on Saturdays if you're an Oklahoma football fan

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It keeping up with what has been a modern trend, the game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns on Saturday October 10th has been set for an 11:00 am kickoff.

The Sooners are 3-0 to start the season and will be looking to remain undefeated when they host #23 West Virginia this Saturday in Norman. The Longorns are looking to get back on track but will have the tall task of playing #4 TCU in Ft. Worth. Texas is 1-3 on the season and very much in turmoil.

The early kickoff at the Cotton Bowl, in Dallas, will mark Oklahoma's third consecutive 11:00 am start this season. The Sooners hosted Tulsa on September 19th for an early kick and will do the same thing this weekend for the Mountaineers.

I guess there's still some positives you can draw out of the early starts. If you're driving home after the game you should have plenty of time to get back before it's too late. You'll also have the opportunity to watch plenty of other football if you're staying home.