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#superbloodmoon. #lunarsooner.

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  • Happy Monday, Sooners fans!  As usually happens around bye week time, I don't have much of substance to talk about.  But as longtime readers will note, a lack of substance has never stopped me before.  I will, at least, be brief.
  • Big congratulations go out to former Sooners quarterback Kendal Thompson for scoring a touchdown for Utah in their pantsing of Oregon on Saturday!  I think that his decision to transfer was what was best for him at the time, and I wish the kid nothing but success with the Utes.
  • I didn't think it was possible: I'm starting to almost feel bad for Texas.  Someone talk me down from this ledge, please?
  • The Oklahoman has a nice little article about Steven Parker.  I think there's still plenty to learn about the Kerry Cooks hire here in the next few weeks.
  • You think West Virginia remembers Alex Ross...?
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  • NASA says there are signs of flowing liquid water on Mars.  What does this have to do with Oklahoma football?  Absolutely nothing.  I told you that substance was hard to come by on the Monday after a bye week, right?  Still awesome.  Go Big Red (planet).
  • Around the league in one bulletpoint: TCU showed why you should cross-train with the volleyball team; Okie State looked less-than-impressive; Texas Tech is starting to look scary-good even in defeat; Baylor mugged a little old woman.  Purple Kansas and Cyclones were idle, and the 'eers ate turtle soup.  The Kansas Jayhawks wrote another paycheck to Charlie Weis, and wrote an unprintable word on the memo line.  Finally, the Longhorns special teams kickers thanked their lucky stars that they're not Colombian soccer players, because they would have been shot dead in the street by now.
  • Peace and love, Sooners fans!  The rest of the staff will get you prepped for our guests from Morgantown throughout the week.