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Texas Discovers Big 12 Officiating Is Bad, West Virginia Is For Real & Other Things We Learned About The Big 12 On Saturday

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The eyes of Texas have been crying, All the live long day, Because the Longhorn kickers, Keep choking games away

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The Texas Longhorns have arrive late to the party and they aren't the least bit happy to be there. After Saturday's 30-27 loss to Oklahoma State, in Austin, the Longhorns have declared that Big 12 officiating is corrupt.

We didn't watch incompetence.  We just watched corruption.  The question is - what kind?

Typically an incompetent crew penalizes both teams with equal levels of incompetence.  It evens out.  It's random and slipshod.  I saw calculation and the purposeful, constant opportunistic management of a game outcome.

The problem with living in a bubble is that once the bubble is burst you don't have a firm grasp of reality. Big 12 officiating isn't corrupt, it's just bad. Everyone knew that before Saturday except for Texas. This is a fanbase and program that spends more time looking in the mirror at itself than anywhere else. Seriously, where were the cries for corruption when this happened in 2013?

Hate to tell you this, Longhorns, but the real reason that you're upset is because you realized on Saturday that you realized that your program has fallen to mediocre at best, and at that level poor officiating can spell doom. However, before you start your own Big 12 officiating witch hunt, perhaps you should concern yourself with the following.

  • The inability to produce offense cost you the game against Oklahoma State. The Longhorns were 4-16 on third down and only produced 290 total yards of offense. Had it not been for two defensive scores by Texas then this game would have been a blowout.
  • Charlie Strong cost you the game against Oklahoma State. Let's put his personal foul aside for just a second. What the heck is he doing calling a timeout with 48 seconds left? The Texas offense had imploded in the second half and Strong is thinking his staff can draw up a play to help the team get out from the shadow of their own goal posts? No sir, you force the opponent to either use a timeout or try and play for overtime at that moment. I'm pretty sure this is what the O-State sideline saw when they looked across the field.

Okay, that second is up now. The head coach absolutely cannot get called for a personal foul. Especially one that preaches discipline the way Charlie Strong does. There's a huge difference between fighting for your team and costing your team the game. That's exactly what Strong did when he lost his ever-loving mind on Saturday. Be the bigger man and prove to the guys you are leading that you can overcome obstacles. Don't create more obstacles for them! That penalty moved OSU from the Texas 34 to the 19 and allowed Ben Grogen to kick the game-tying field goal.

Seriously, what is Strong going to say the next time one of his players does something stupid to cost the team 15 yards? They're going to do what you do coach, not what you say.

  • Finally, Texas lost this game because their special teams are...well...special. I hope that Nick Rose has enough room in his underground bunker to let Michael Dickson in.

  • The Longhorns are 1-3 for the first time since 1956.

It's Time To Take West Virginia Seriously!

Moving on to Big 12 teams that didn't poop in their pants. I made the decision to start taking the West Virginia Mountaineers seriously, and I would invite you to join me in that. With the Sooners up next (game is in Norman), WVU pasted through their non-conference schedule with a 3-0 record and an average win margin of 42-9. Their 45-6 win over border rival Maryland on Saturday was the largest non-conference defeat for the Terrapins since losing 52-13 at Cal in 2009.

I fully expect the Mountaineers to be a ranked team on Sunday, which makes an 11:00 AM kickoff in Norman all the more ridiculous because it'll be a game between two nationally ranked opponents.

Texas Tech, TCU, & Baylor Can All Score Points!

If you failed to see the Texas Tech/TCU game then you failed to see a massive offensive explosion. In a game that featured 107 points and over 1,300 combined offensive yards it was a combination of skill and luck that kept the Frogs undefeated.

Meanwhile Baylor was posting 70 points on hapless Rice. The Owls either need to join the Big 12 (Seriously, we need two more teams) or stop playing against it.

At what point do we start asking where the defenses are?

I'm gonna grab a bag of popcorn and watch the responses to that last question for a bit.

Rinse And Repeat!

If you enjoyed the TCU/Tech game then you should tune in next Saturday when the Red Raiders travel to Arlington to take on Baylor at a "neutral" site. If it doesn't turn into a sequel to Saturday's game in Lubbock then I'm going to claim that Big 12 officiating is corrupt.

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot!

In a completely unrelated story, the Kansas Jayhawks moved another week closer to basketball season.