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No Jordan Thomas Hurts Oklahoma Sooners Against A Fast Paced Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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The whirlwind started just before halftime as the Oklahoma Sooners hoped to carry a 31-10 lead into the half. However, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane revealed a few tricks from up the sleeve. With thirteen seconds on the clock, Dane Evans completed a 28 yard touchdown pass to Keevan Lucas. Recovering an onside kick, Tulsa elected to toss a hail mary. Leaping above the rest of the group, Keyarris Garrett came down with possession to pull the Golden Hurricane to within seven points.

Unfortunately for Oklahoma, the play gave way to a glaring issue...where was Jordan Thomas? Apparently the sophomore received a suspension on Friday. Regardless, true freshman P.J. Mbanasor started, often drawing a match-up against Tulsa's Garrett.

"Really unfortunate for P.J. that he was thrown in that position," defensive coordinator Mike Stoops said. "It is what it is. That's what I'm disappointed in, that we're even in this situation."

Recognizing the weak point, Golden Hurricane quarterback, Evans hurled the ball over and over toward Mbanasor's side of the field. With the struggles continuing, Mike Stoops tossed another true freshman, Marcus Green, into the mix hoping a slightly taller defender would yield better results.

Evans dissected the Sooners secondary for 427 yards and four touchdowns. Not the defensive performance one would hope to see. Granted, OU bounced back a bit allowing only 14 points in the second half. Fortunately, the offense saved the defense this go around repaying the favor from a week ago.

Position Grades

Defensive Line - The defense recorded a single sack on the day partly due to short drops and a quick release from Dane Evans. However, Evans never once looked uncomfortable making throw after throw. Against teams like Baylor, this needs to change as it only helps the secondary out...the clear weak point moving forward. Overall Grade: C+

Linebackers - A few missed assignments here and there led to multiple first downs. After touting this group as one of the best in the nation, they fell a little flat this week. Credit the Tulsa offensive attack for break neck speeds keeping the defense misaligned. Sure, Dominique Alexander and Jordan Evans racked up 23 combined tackles thanks to the 40 rushing attempts. But, it was an average outing in my opinion. Overall Grade: C+

Secondary - Getting torched on one side of the field left the group vulnerable all day long. This was the first real test the secondary received and they failed to live up to the expectations. Combine a few penalties without the ability to force a turnover and we have a recipe for disaster. Although I have been hopeful from day one, the reality is this remains an extremely young group that needs to grow up in a hurry. Overall Grade: D