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Key Defensive Players vs Tulsa

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Who needs to step up to shut down the powerful Tulsa offense?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Going into Week 3 against Tulsa, the Oklahoma Sooners defense is facing a different challenge. Akron was absolutely pathetic offensively, while Tennessee certainly didn’t air it out. The Golden Hurricane, however, have the fourth best passing offense in the country right now. While nobody is giving Tulsa a chance to knock off the Sooners, if they can force a few mistakes by Oklahoma offense and turn it into a shootout, the American Conference leaders might stand a chance. In order for that not to happen, Oklahoma needs a few players to step up defensively.

Devante Bond - The senior edge rusher broke out last week against Tennessee. If Bond can keep up the dominance from last week, it will not only force Tulsa quarterback Dane Evans to rush throws, but it will draw some attention away from Preseason All Big-12 defensive end Eric Striker.

Steven Parker - Steven Parker was part of a dominating second half performance by the Oklahoma secondary. Mike Stoops was leaving the Tennessee receivers on an island on the outside in order to load up on the run. If Parker can continue to play the Nickel/Safety hybrid well, the secondary will be hard to pass against.

Zack Sanchez - Sanchez will be charged with shutting down Tulsa receiver Keyarris Garrett. The senior has caught just 12 balls all year, but they’ve been for 265 yards. Sanchez was part of a defense last year that gave up a ton of huge plays. If they want to turn that around, it starts this week.