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What to Expect From The Oklahoma Sooners Defense Against The Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The contrast of styles between Tennessee and Tulsa will be evident on Saturday as the Sooners host the Golden Hurricane. Tulsa boasts an offense that currently is ranked 6th in the country averaging 43.5 points per game. The Sooners should find success against Tulsa, but in order for that to happen, they will have to do these three things.

Stop the Golden Hurricane Passing Attack

Tulsa's QB Dane Evans is averaging over 370 passing yards per game through the first two games of the season. He has a plethora of weapons as both Keyarris Garrett and Keevan Lucas are averaging over 100 yards per game in receiving. The Sooner secondary will be tested early and often on Saturday in Norman. Big games for Steven Parker, Zack Sanchez and company will go a long ways to determining whether the Sooners struggle against the Tulsa passing attack. Tulsa should prove to be the first real passing threat the Sooners face.

A Preview of Teams Later In the Season

As a disciple of Art Briles, Tulsa head coach Phillip Montgomery will employ an offense similar to what the Sooners will see against WVU, TCU, OKState, and Baylor. While I don't believe the Golden Hurricane have the personnel to be a serious threat to the Sooners in the end,  the success or failure of the Sooners defense to shut down Tulsa's offense on Saturday could give us a big insight into what the Sooner defense will look like against teams with similar offenses, but with much greater talent. Should the secondary struggle on Saturday, the Sooners could be in for a rough end to the regular season as they finish with Baylor, TCU, and OKState

Win on 3rd Down

The Sooner's defense has been incredibly this season forcing both the Zips and Vols to punt a total of 21 times. Should the Sooners force multiple 3 and outs to start the game, I could see this game getting out hand quickly as the Sooners have the ability to completely overwhelm the Golden Hurricane on both sides of the ball.

What are you expecting to see from the Sooners defense on Saturday?