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Three Key Players On Offense For Sooners Against Tulsa

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Last week we saw Baker Mayfield and Sterling Shepard steal the show in overtime to help the Sooners defeat the Volunteers. Don't expect any late game heroics this game (for good reason) as Oklahoma takes on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Bob Stoops has never lost to Tulsa and probably never will. But the Sooners need this game in order to straighten some things out on offense before heading into conference play.

Things like blocking, penalties, play calling, and a fast start all need to be better for the Sooners to win the Big 12. So this week may be more important for the offense than you realize. Here's three key players to keep an eye out for this weekend.

3. WR Dede Westbrook - The Sooners number two receiver has yet to solidify himself as the secodn best receiver. But as we saw against Akron he has the capability to be that and more. I expect Westbrook to have a bigger impact in the passing game this weekend and the Sooners may look to Westbrook early on to avoid another slow start.

2. RB Samaje Perine - The record breaking running back hasn't made too much of an impact this season, especially compared to his impact last year. But Perine is still the best player on the Sooners offense (from what we've seen) he just hasn't had any big runs that we know he's capable of. Much of the blame can be directed towards the offensive line, but Perine has the ability to extend plays himself. Expect to see Perine given at least 20 carries this Saturday and rush for a couple of touchdowns. It should take some pressure off Baker Mayfield this weekend too if Perine can help him out.

1. LT Orlando Brown - Last week, I said that Brown's "mental toughness" would be a big factor in the game as the freshman makes his first road start in a crazy environment. He ended up being flagged for penalties. Not what you hope to see from your 6"8, 342-pound offensive tackle. So he'll have to be better for the rest of the season if Oklahoma wants to win the Big 12, and he'll have plenty of chances against Tulsa to prove he can play better than he did last weekend.