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Oklahoma Sooners vs Tulsa Golden Hurricane | A Look Ahead: Offensive Expectations

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A Heavy Dose Of The Run

Through the first two week of college football, Ty Darlington and the offensive line have failed to impress. Loaded with young talent, fans witnessed signs of progress as the group gained a bit of confidence against the Tennessee Volunteers. Now, coming back home, Lincoln Riley needs to build upon the successes. Squaring off against a defense surrendering 263 yards on the ground per game look for a heavy dose of the run this Saturday.

Development of The Redzone Wrinkle

In a bit of a surprise, the Sooners debuted the wildcat formation this past weekend. Following the win, Bob Stoops addressed questions from members of the media during his weekly press conference. One question thrown out focused on the potential of the wildcat. Can Joe Mixon throw the ball? According to Stoops, the running back not only throws the ball but throws it well. Regardless, words only get you so far. Putting the idea into practice becomes an entirely new monster.

Less Penalties

Oklahoma has been flagged 18 times this season and we're only two games in. That number could have increased had Butch Jones refused to decline the numerous false start penalties. Needless to say, I believe cutting down on flags to be of utmost importance moving forward into Saturday. Hopefully, the line as well as the receivers (looking at you Dede Westbrook and Jeffery Mead) can limit the number of times laundry comes flying out onto the field.