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Would OU Take Two Running Backs in the Class of 2016

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Would it be wise for the Sooners to take TWO running backs in the class of 2016? It just might.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

OU's depth chart at running back took a hit on Saturday Night as true freshman Rodney Anderson suffered a season ending injury. Any backfield that contains both Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon will already have an incredible 1-2 punch, but with recruiting the Sooners might have an issue at the running back position at the conclusion of the 2016 season.

A realistic scenario could emerge where the Sooners lose both Perine and Mixon to the NFL Draft. At that point the depth chart would look something like this if the Sooners ONLY take one running back in the class of 2016.

Rodney Anderson (Redshirt Sophomore)

2016 Recruit (Redshirt Freshman or True Sophomore)

That is a razor thin depth chart. It would be near impossible for the Sooners to compete at an elite level in the 2017 season with this depth chart. While there are other scenarios that could rectify this issue (like taking a JUCO RB in the class of 2017 or one or both of Perine and Mixon staying for their senior season) it might be in the Sooners best interest to prepare now by taking two running backs in the class of 2016.

Who might the two candidates be?

1. Devwah Whaley 6-0/205 from Beaumont, TX.

Nothing has changed with my prediction that Whaley will wind up a part of the Sooners class of 2016. He is an elite talent and according to many favors the Sooners.

2. Brandon Stephens 6-1/205 from Plano, TX.

Stephens just recently picked up a Sooner offer after a recent commitment to Stanford. While not much is known about Stephens interest in the Sooners as of yet, it will be interesting to watch moving forward.

Most have assumed the Sooners will take one running back in the class of 2016, but should both Whaley and Stephens want to be Sooners, I believe that the Sooners should take them both.