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Charles Walker: From 3 Star Recruit to the Big 12's Best Defensive Lineman?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The hype coming into the season for redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Charles Walker (6-2/297) was incredibly high. We read the practice reports, heard the rumors, and waited in expectation for what we hoped would be a breakout season. What he have gotten through the first 2 games of the season is nothing short of remarkable. However, the Charles Walker we saw dominate the Vols offensive line was almost for not.

Rewind back to the class of 2013. Walker's biggest offer outside of the Sooners was Iowa State. The South Garland High School product started out as a two star recruit, before finally rising in the rankings to a 3 star. He wasn't offered by the Sooners until the conclusion of his senior season.

The highlights from Walker were sparse but you could see flashes of talent as he starred on the gridiron in the D/FW Metroplex, but he was a relatively unknown prospect

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I will admit, I didn't expect a whole lot out of Walker. He was a late addition at defensive tackle class cobbled together by then Sooners defensive tackle coach Jackie Shipp. Shipp would soon be relieved of his duties, and I assumed that we wouldn't see any significant impact from Walker.

I am more than happy to admit I was completely wrong. At this point in his college career Walker is moving into a category of Big 12 defensive lineman that consists of Andrew Billings, Shawn Oakman, and Emmanuel Ogbah.

The sky's the limit for Charles Walker and his on field dominance will go a long ways to determining the success of the Sooners 2015 season.