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AP & Coaches Poll | The SEC Comes Tumbling Down

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Unapologetically, the most over hyped conference in the nation --- the SEC --- dealt out a dose of reality to the coaches, media, and fans alike. One week after securing a record ten schools inside the top twenty-five rankings, the number drops to seven. Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi State fall from grace alongside Boise State this week. Adding salt to the wound, Auburn tumbled twelve spots (AP Poll) following an overtime win over Jacksonville State, a FCS opponent, in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

The biggest news in the top five may be the fact that Michigan State stole two first-place votes from the Ohio State Buckeyes in the AP Poll after a win over Oregon. Could the Spartans continue to steal votes from the reigning champs before the head-to-head match up on November 21st?

Without further ado, here are the week two rankings!

AP Coaches Massey
1 Ohio State (59) Ohio State (62) Ohio State
2 Alabama Alabama (1) Alabama
4 Michigan State (2) Michigan State Georgia
5 Baylor Baylor Baylor
6 USC Florida State Oregon
7 Georgia USC Florida State
8 Notre Dame Georgia Michigan State
9 Florida State Clemson Ole Miss
10 UCLA Notre Dame Georgia Tech
11 Clemson Ole Miss USC
12 Oregon UCLA Clemson
13 LSU Oregon UCLA
14 Georgia Tech LSU Auburn
15 Ole Miss Auburn LSU
16 Oklahoma Georgia Tech Oklahoma
17 Texas A&M Oklahoma Notre Dame
18 Auburn Texas A&M Texas A&M
19 BYU Arizona Missouri
20 Arizona Missouri Wisconsin
21 Utah Utah Kansas State
22 Missouri BYU Mississippi State
23 Northwestern Wisconsin Arkansas
24 Wisconsin Northwestern Utah
25 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Arizona

The Oklahoma Sooners see a slight bump up after a come from behind win over the Tennessee Volunteers on the road and look able to win big games without running the ball consistently. Baker Mayfield and the rest of the crew hope to continue to charge up the ladder before running the gauntlet in November.

With four teams dropped from the rankings, Oklahoma State takes over as the gate keeper at No. 25. The addition of the Cowboys to the top twenty-five gives the Big 12 four representatives. When the wheel stops spinning who will come out victorious in the conference? No one knows at this point of the season.