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Sooners Come Out Victorious in Rocky Top : Instant Reaction

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Wow! Sooner magic is back!

The Sooners came back from 17-0 to defeat Tennessee, 31-24 in double freakin' overtime. Baker Mayfield tied the game on fourth and goal with a little under a minute left to make the score 17-17. Then Zach Sanchez sealed the win with an interception on the second possession in overtime to win the ball game.

Oklahoma is now 2-0 on the season after the epic victory, while the Volunteers are 1-1. It's the best win for Oklahoma since the 2014 Sugar Bowl, when they took down #3 Alabama 45-31. It was also one of the most entertaining games of the Bob Stoops era.

Baker Mayfield looked phenomenal. 19/39 and 187 yards don't look impressive on paper, but his leadership and four touchdowns in the fourth quarter/overtime was enough for the Sooners to pull off the victory in Knoxville. It's also the largest comeback in Neyland Stadium, which is amazing when you realize Tennessee has more victories in that stadium than any other team has in one stadium.

It's one of the greatest performances by an Oklahoma quarterback on the road that I can remember and an impressive performance from that allowed the comeback to happen. The defense allowed the Volunteers to get up early, but was scored on just in the last two quarters and two overtimes.

The Sooners are now back in the national spotlight and the Big 12 looks as relevant as ever. Boomer Sooner.