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Sooners Weekend Recruiting Tidbits

Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens

Recruiting is a little quiet right now, with the Sooners on the road in Knoxville, but several interesting developments took place over the past week.

1. 2016 RB Brandon Stephens 6-1/205 picked up a Sooner offer.

Stephens just recently committed to the Standford Cardinals, but that didn't stop the Sooners from offering the talented Plano, TX product.

This offer is interesting on several fronts.

1) Would Stephens reconsider his commitment and be open to the Sooners? Quite possibly if games like Northwestern keep happening this season for Stanford

2) Does this offer have anything to say about Devwah Whaley?

I think the Sooners feel more than confident with Whaley, but with Perine, Mixon, and Anderson already on the roster, I believe they are wanting to be finished at running back in the class of 2016. While prospects that are Sooner commits still receive lots of attention from the Sooner coaches, I get the feeling the Sooners would like to have a final decision at running back soon and Whaley is wanting to seemingly take his time.

2. Sooner Offer DB Jordan Parker 5-11/185

I have been on and off again with the Sooners chances with Parker. I believe that they currently set in the driver's seat for the talented California DB, and a win over the Vols (another of Parker's top schools) wouldn't hurt the Sooners chances in any way.

3. Another Scholarship in the Class of 2016

With the departure of Austin Bennett, the Sooners have an additional scholarship available to them. Most likely this means the Sooners will take another WR in the class of 2016. How about a finish of 4* Camron Williams 6-3/200 and 4* WR Tyrie Cleveland 6-3/180? While landing both is still probably doubtful, there is no doubt the Sooners are making significant strides for both players.