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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown To Kickoff | 4 Days!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hailing from Fresno, California, Hatari Byrd joined the Oklahoma Sooners as the No. 13 safety in the country accoring to Scout. Through the first several days of camp as a true freshman, the defensive back found himself in a position carousel. Working out at corner, nickelback, and dimeback. A talented player, Byrd played in three games that season.

Unfortunately, the only real highlights available are from his high school days.

Now moving forward as a junior, Byrd finds himself as a projected starter at his natural The 6-1 206-pound free safety knows a talented true freshman current sits on the two-deep and will challenge for playing time. However, could Byrd become a defensive staple this season reaching his full potential?