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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown To Kickoff | 31 Days!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In probably the least anticipated Red River Showdown game in recent memory, the Sooners squared off against the Longhorns in what was Charlie Strong's first year at Texas in 2014. They came away with a victory, winning 31-26 to put them at 5-1 on the season.

It was a tough fought defensive game despite the final score showing 57 points. Oklahoma led at half 17-13 but the Sooners offense managed only 28 yards. The two touchdowns came from a pick six by Zach Sanchez and a kickoff return by Alex Ross. Texas played well on offense, but the Sooners forced field goals instead of touchdowns on their best drives. Oklahoma on the other hand managed just one field goal on four full possessions.

Oklahoma came back in the second half and forced Texas to punt on it's first five possessions while the offense scored 14 points in that time to put them up 31-14 early in the fourth quarter. The Sooners and Longhorns had played very evenly with just a few big plays being the difference.

Trevor Knight completed 12/20 of his passes and had no turnovers while five different Sooners helped the team rush for over 100 yards. It's early touchdowns helped the Sooners offense out to be in a position where it could be conservative and run down the game.

And hey guess what? We're officially just a month away from kick off.