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What a Difference a Week Makes for LB Recruiting

Marvin Terry
Marvin Terry
Student Sports

What if I were to tell you the Sooners could wind up with a LB class in 2016 that featured the following?

1 - 5 Star player

2- 4 Star players

2- 3 Star players*

A month ago, I would have seen this an nearly impossible as the Sooners had one lone commitment at linebacker in Jon-Michael Terry. However after last Friday's commitment of 4 Star Bryce Youngquist the Sooners appear to be in a position to close strongly at the linebacker position in the class of 2016. Here are the players I believe will finish out the Sooners linebacker class in the class of 2016.

1. 5 Star Caleb Kelly 6-3/215 from Fresno, CA.

Caleb Kelly has offers from across the country, but has narrowed his list to 7 schools (Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio St., Oregon, Stanford, USC, and the Sooners).

The Sooners have several built in advantages for landing Kelly, primarily graduate assistant Courtney Viney. They also have two Fresno players on the current roster in Michiah Quick and Hatari Byrd.

The only thing that could hurt the Sooners position for Kelly would be if the Sooners were not be able to retain Courtney Viney at the conclusion of this upcoming season.

2. 4 Star Marvin Terry 6-2/230 from Dallas, TX.

Terry has offers from school like Ark, Miami, Mizzou, Oregon, TCU, TTech, UCLA, Wisconsin, and the Sooners. Terry has narrowed his list to TTech and the Sooners. I believe the Sooners will end up with Terry because his close friend Prentice McKinney was a member of the Sooners class of 2015.

3. 3 Star Pernell Jefferson 6-2/235 from New Orleans, LA

Pernell Jefferson has offers from ASU, Miss St., Mizzou, Miami, Nebraska, TCU, and the Sooners.The Sooners once again are in the drivers seat because of Jefferson close friend Arthur McGinnis was a member of the Sooners class of 2015.


* An interesting situation would come into play should this scenario play itself out. The Sooners would seemingly be out of spots at LB and yet not nab a commitment from one of the top in-state players in LB/S Calvin Bundage. The 6-3/200 star from Edmond, OK would likely find himself left out.