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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown To Kickoff | 32 Days!

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Samaje Perine has only started eight games in his college career and could already be considered a legend. That's what 427 yards in one game can do for a freshman running back. No. 32 was the only thing that kept Oklahoma's 2014 season interesting and entertaining for the second half of the season. His individual performances each week were generally phenomenal, even when his team came out with a loss. His 21 touchdowns and 1713 rushing yards were both good for top eight in the FBS in 2014, despite being 17th in rushing attempts.

Perine's numbers are likely to take a dip this season because of the air raid attack being installed, but his explosiveness will still be the main event in Oklahoma's offense. It's very uncommon for air raid attacks to have a top five running back in the country, so it should be interesting to see how beneficial it is for Lincoln Riley to call plays knowing that he has a star running back in the backfield.

Whatever role Perine is assigned to this season, he should step into it and make the best of it. Heck, just look at the impact he made last season when he was the third stringer to start the year. It's hard to imagine what kind of damage he could do if he started the whole season.