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Sooner Nation Podcast | J.D. Runnels Talks Quarterbacks And Much More!

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The Oklahoma Sooners wrapped up fall camp last Friday and started school on Monday. With next week being the first game week of the season have you ever wondered what the team does the week in between camp and game week? We looked to former All-Conference fullback J.D. Runnels to tell us exactly what Bob Stoops tries to do the week before game week starts.

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In addition, Runnels shares his opinions on the quarterback situation, talks about his playing career at Oklahoma and shares with us what he tells current OU fullback Dimitri Flowers is the thing that will get him on the field. Finally, Runnels shares with us what the Sooners are getting in current Harrah Panthers commit Logan Roberson. You're going to love how Runnels describes him!

As we always try our best to do, we also made times to get to your listener comments and questions.

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