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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown To Kickoff | 10 Days!

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Sustained "success" can be measured in winning seasons when it comes to NCAA Football. However, creating a powerhouse or dynasty takes numerous years well above the .500 mark. Ten-win seasons are coveted across the nation and no program eclipses the Oklahoma Sooners.

School 10+ Win Seasons (Last) 11+ Win Seasons (Last)
1. Oklahoma 35 (2013) 21 (2013)
2. Alabama 34 (2014) 18 (2014)
3. Nebraska 27 (2012) 12 (2001)
4. Michigan 26 (2011) 9 (2011)
5. USC 25 (2013) 12 (2008)

As you can see, Oklahoma has recorded 35 ten-win seasons throughout program history. Under Bob Stoops, ten-win season have become a standard as the head coach has 12 under his belt. Could 2015 mark the next?

The last time Oklahoma recorded a ten-win season, Trevor Knight won the starting quarterback job over the fan favorite, Blake Bell. Constantly fighting injuries, the Sooners were forced to use up the entire depth chart at the position but managed wins over Notre Dame, TCU, and Alabama in Sugar Bowl.