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Sooner Nation Podcast With Special Guest Chris Plank | Let's Look At The Defense

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We were joined by Oklahoma Sideline Reporter Chris Plank in our latest version of the Sooner Nation Podcast. Plank even gave us his prediction as to who he thinks the starting quarterback may be. After two weeks of discussing offense, Rich and Matt finally moved to the defensive side of the ball where we discussed the linebackers at length and tried to discover which is more troublesome, the secondary or the defensive line.

Use the media player to listen to our latest episode of the Sooner Nation Podcast

Here's our topics list for this episode.

  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the Sooners have yet to name a starting quarterback?
  • Does the return of Frank Shannon pose a problem for Oklahoma's linebackers? If the Sooners switch to a 4-3 which of the backers would get left off the field?
  • Charles Tapper returns to anchor the defensive line but who will play alongside him on the front?
  • Is it possible that the secondary isn't as bad as what we were thinking?
  • Which is the overall biggest concern with the defense, the line or the secondary?
  • Chris Plank gives us more than 20 minutes of audio on everything from the quarterbacks, to the top storylines, the defense, Joe Mixon and much more.