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Sooners Indefinitely Suspend Offensive Tackle Kenyon Frison

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Brett Deering/Getty Images isn't fall camp unless someone is getting suspended, right? On Monday Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops announced that redshirt freshman Kenyon Frison has been suspended indefinitely from the team for an unspecified rules violation. It's important to note that when players reported for camp last week the coaching staff said that everyone who was expected to be there was there. Now we find out that Frison has not been with the team for the last several weeks and that he will not participate, at all, in the team camp.

Frison has great size for an offensive lineman (6-6/289) and the Salt Lake City, Utah native would have had opportunity to move up the depth chart in camp due to the graduations of last season's starting tackles Daryl Williams and Tyrus Thompson. The Sooners currently have 16 other offensive linemen on their roster including six other tackles. Frison remains listed on Oklahoma's online roster which could mean that the door for his return is most likely still open.