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Oklahoma's Jeffery Mead Can Catch A Football And Here's Video Proof

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma sophomore receiver Jeffery Mead has yet to make an impact on the football field, for the Sooners, but that won't keep a video of him from going viral. The 6-6/189 Tulsa native was filmed nabbing a bomb with just one hand either during a break in practice or during warm ups on Monday.

While the video is fun to watch what Oklahoma fans are really hoping to see is Mead boost a group of receivers that underachieved in 2014. While he played in eight games last season, Mead was unable to record his first collegiate catch but, as the video proves, it wasn't due to lack of ability. However, now that ability must pay dividends for the Sooners and it must happen in a hurry. Mead, along with newcomers Dede Westbrook, Jarvis Baxter, and John Humphrey are looking to rejuvenate Oklahoma's receiving corps by surrounding the experience of Sterling Shepard and Durron Neal with speed and size at the position.

Can you imagine how strong his fingers have to be to nab the ball like that?