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Oklahoma Sooners Add 2015 Wide Receiver Jarvis Baxter As Walk-On

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Brett Deering/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners continued to a stellar week in recruiting by adding a 2015 wide receiver to the roster. Late Friday night, top 50 JUCO player, Jarvis Baxter, joined the program as a walk-on after a bit of an interesting journey.

Initially, the standout chose South Florida as home in November of 2014 and later signed with the program. However, in the middle of July this year, Baxter was released from his letter of intent with USF after failing to qualify academically. That begs the question as to how the wide receiver attained the required GPA for admittance into the University of Oklahoma?

According to Bob Pryzbylo of Scout, "Baxter said USF only allows someone to use nine credit hours in the summer to meet the required GPA. Baxter took more than nine hours but those extra hours couldn't count for USF but do count for OU. OU allows for more than nine hours in the summer, which is what Baxter needed to reach the required GPA."

Lacking proven experience in the group aside from Sterling Shepard, Baxter is hoping to compete for not only for playing time but also a scholarship during the upcoming season. The journey continues on August 4th when the team reports to campus.