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Sooners Class of 2016 Commit Predictions: July Edition

Devwah Whaley
Devwah Whaley
Student Sports

This list has changed dramatically over the past month as the Sooners have lost out on Kellen Diesch (Arkansas Commitment), Michael Williams (Stanford), Xavier Kelly, Parker Boudreaux (Notre Dame) and Jared Mayden.

The Sooners also landed in-state offensive lineman Logan Roberson and JUCO DB Maurice Chandler. I've still go the Sooners taking approximately 21-22 players in the class of 2016. So here goes another round of predictions. There are some pretty significant changes on this list.


QB Austin Kendall

JUCO DB Maurice Chandler

JUCO WR Ryan Parker

WR Adrian Hardy

OL Logan Roberson

LB Jon-Michael Terry


1. RB Devwah Whaley 6-0/205 from Beaumont, TX.

The Sooners made Whaley's top 5 and this will be a Red River battle with the Longhorns. I still expect the Sooners to win this battle.

2. WR- Camron Williams 6-3/200 from Dallas, TX.

Williams is very quiet, but the few words he has said have been very positive towards the Sooners.

3. Another WR not yet having an offer.

4. OL- Rowdy Frederick 6-4/330 from Broken Arrow, OK.

While not yet holding a Sooner offer, I expect Frederick to pick up an offer as he moves into his senior season. With an offer, I expect the Sooners to be near impossible to beat.

5. JUCO OT- Tate Leavitt 6-6/305 or JUCO OT Ashton Julious 6-8/330

6. Another High School OT not yet having an offer.

7. DL Amani Bledsoe 6-5/265 from Lawrence, KS.

The Sooners have a great track record in Kansas. I expect Bledsoe to be a Sooner.

8. DE Noah Jones 6-5/250 from Norman, OK.

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While not yet having a Sooner offer, the Sooners have been in contact with Jones, who is a Sooner legacy. He is currently committed to Texas Tech. I wonder if he might consider offensive tackle at the next level.

9. DL Chris Daniels 6-3/300 from Euless, TX.

The Sooners are fighting like crazy for Daniels. I thinking either TCU or OU, with the Sooners winning a close battle. for the talented lineman.

10. LB Calvin Bundage 6-3/200 from Edmond, OK

He was one of the earliest offers at a huge need position. He should be a Sooner.

11. LB Marvin Terry 6-2/230 from Dallas, TX.

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This is a Sooner/Red Raider battle with the Sooners having a slight edge. I expect Terry to be a Sooner come national signing day.

12. LB Pernell Jefferson 6-2/235 from New Orleans, LA.

This is one of the players I feel most confident in the Sooners landing.

13. LB Caleb Kelly 6-3/215 from Fresno, CA.

Kelly is a 5 star player and should be the highest ranked player in the class of 2016 for the Sooners.

14. DB Benjie Franklin 6-0/175 from Houston, TX.

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This should be a Baylor/Sooner battle with the Sooners winning out.

15. DB Obi Eboh 6-1/180 from Southlake, TX.

Eboh recently picked up a Sooner offer. I expect him to be a Sooner

16. DB Tre Jackson 5-10/180 from Baton Rouge, LA.

Jackson will most likely not get an offer from LSU. I think he could be a candidate for the next commit for OU.