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2015 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 36 Days!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Of all of Oklahoma's blowout wins, none are as unlikely as their 36-10 victory over the Baylor Bears on November, 18th 2006. I say that because the Sooners lost the ball five different times that afternoon. That was particularly a strange day for Sooners safety Reggie Smith, who returned punts for Oklahoma that season.

Smith went all out that Saturday. He accounted for two muffed punts that were lost, then made up for it by returning an interception for a touchdown and picking off another one that set up the offense for an easy touchdown. It was a day that the Sooners and Bears made a lot of mistakes, but Oklahoma was the one who capitlized. That win tied them with Texas for the Big 12 south, which would be won the next weekend in Stillwater.

Paul Thompson would then lead them to a 21-7 win over Nebraska to place them in the Fiesta Bowl.

Smith was a third round draft pick in 2008 and played in the NFL for six years. Here are some of his college highlights while at Oklahoma :