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Sooners LB Offer Bryce Youngquist Will Make His Commitment on Friday

Bryce Youngquist
Bryce Youngquist
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The Sooners find themselves in a dog fight in their pursuit of top 2016 LB Bryce Youngquist. The California star recently visited the Sooners and had a chance to take in the Sooner program first hand. Depending on what you read, he has the Oregon Ducks slightly ahead of the Sooners or they are tied.

We won't have to wait long to find out the answer as Youngquist tweeted out earlier today that he would be making his commitment on Friday.

It appears that either the Sooners or Ducks will be hearing some good news on Friday. While Youngquist would be a huge addition to the class of 2016, I believe in the end he will stay closer to home and commit to Oregon. I would love to be proven wrong however.

Here is a short highlight video of Youngquist in action.