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Oklahoma Sooners | Big 12 Media Days | Bob Stoops States Quarterback Race Remains Close

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the 2015 season, many fans hold the notion that Baker Mayfield will be the first quarterback on the field against the Akron Zips. However, Bob Stoops continues to shut down the idea at this point stating that the signal caller race remains close.

"I know it's popular to act like a certain guy already has the job," Stoops said, "but that couldn't be further from the truth."

Quickly following up the statement, the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners may have unintentionally separated the group into two categories with Cody Thomas lagging behind the other candidates.

"Trevor Knight and Baker Mayfield are in a tight battle and Cody Thomas is right on their heels. He showed significant improvement in the spring," noted Stoops, "and he's a big guy with a big arm. That competition is going to continue. Whoever can make the most consistent plays, be most consistent in moving the ball and avoid the really bad play will be the guy on the field."

With the standard set, questions of Mayfield's shoulder status emerged. Earlier this year, reports indicated the former Conference Offensive Freshman of the Year experienced shoulder fatigue. After evaluating the situation, Stoops went on record to clarify the situation at Big 12 Media Days.

"Baker's shoulder is healing just fine. He was just a little overworked. We had to have a talk because no one knows your shoulder better than you. You have to monitor how often and how much you're throwing. He's recovered really well from it. He's back throwing the ball now."

Stoops did mention that Thomas suffered from the same fatigue but noted both are recovering well and currently throwing the ball. As fans, we'll have to wait as the battle continues to unfold throughout the summer.

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