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Why Expansion is Not a Realistic Option for the Big 12

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If you follow college football year round, you might have seen this article floating around the last few days from FOXSPORTS outlining why the Big 12 should expand to 14 teams.

Here the 5 teams they recommended that should be under serious consideration to get to 14 teams.


South Florida

Central Florida



You know what this list represents?

A desperate attempt by Fox Sports to keep the TV rights to the Big 12. The reality is maybe 1 and if you really pushed me 2 of these teams should be under consideration. Memphis NO. USF and UCF NO. The most realistic options on this list are BYU and Cincinnati, but even then it reeks of desperation.The state of Ohio has a large population, but Ohio State and the majority of the Big 10 would probably draw more viewers than the Bearcats. Regarding BYU, the national appeal is greatly exaggerated.

All of this expansion talk amounts to putting a band aid on a gaping wound. It would just delay the inevitable and possibly keep the heart beat of a conference alive for a bit longer. All in all, this would be a terrible decision.

This idea makes zero sense. You know what does make sense. OU and VTech in the SEC. Or OU, Texas, OKState, and Kansas/TTech in the Pac 12. All other scenarios add nothing and only make the conference look desperate.

Expansion is a terrible idea.